Can you go too far with a Valentine's Day Gift?

Been on 5 dates with this girl from school over the past 3 or 4 weeks. I've spent the night at her apartment a couple of times and vice versa. She has asked me a couple of times "what are we doing" and each time I have played it off because past relationships have taught me to keep it light and funny in the beginning. We do have plans to go out on Valentine's Day and I'm at least getting or making her chocolate covered cherries (her favorite) but also thought about getting her this jacket she has mentioned that she really likes.
My concern here is we're technically just dating and really still in the beginning stages, so am I going a little too far with getting her the jacket too?


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  • Don't get the jacket it is too much too early. If you want to give her something else with the chocolate get a teddy bear or some flowers.


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