Do girls like guys like this or no?

I guess I'll give a brief description of myself. I'm 17. I'm underweight, but also have a "skinny-fat" body type (Look it up. It means you are skinny but have excess fat. 30% of normal weigh individuals in America are skinny-fat, It really isn't at all great to be skinny fat.) but I'm working to burn the excess fat and build muscle. Anyways, point is my body isn't great. I'd estimate 15-20% BF. I am average height for a guy, very skinny though. Girls have called me "cute" before because I have good features face wise.

I am shy, but I can be outgoing once you get to know me. I am smart and have a good sense of humor, also very into creating things.

However, I am very nervous talking to girls (or guys or cats or plants... basicallly anything that moves) because of my body.

So I guess my question is, would girls automatically rule out a guy because he is "skinny-fat" (skinny fat ish, mostly just skinny) and because he is very skinny and not exceptionally tall, or is it more about the personality and the other traits that the guy has.

Oh and also I like to laugh.

I know people SAY it is about the personality, but is that true?

Just asking because I'm 17 and never had a girlfriend. Which no doubt stems from the fact that I never talk to girls because I have self confidence issues. What do you guys (or, in this case girls) think. Guys can answer too.


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  • Uhm some girls are but since I dont know you I can't be for sure


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  • You can probably get a girl friend if you indicate some level of interest. But if you don't talk at all you won't be able to.

  • actually its the look that interests most people. your personality sounds really nice and you said that you also got a few compliments for your facial features. you dont have to look 100% to be loved


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