I would like to know if my crush likes me back. Can somebody help me?

I like a girl. First I sent her a request on Facebook and she accepted it. The next day I saw her at school and she sat right behind me in the cafeteria, but I didn't know that. Then I turned around to put put my lunch box in my bag and she was also putting something in her bag. And we looked at each other, then we turned around again. Two days later the whole school had a parent meeting. And while I was going out, she was sitting in the school cafeteria. She was sitting with another girl and was looking at me, I'm almost sure about it even though I just saw her looking at me with the side of my eye. But I don't even know if she was looking at the because of good impression or she was just like, who is this guy and why did he add on Facebook? So, the evening of the next day I sent her a request on Instagram. The next morning I checked if she had accepted my request. And actually she did it, but I was expecting her to follow me back, but she didn't and now I just don't know what to do. And I'm 2 years older than her and I'm curios if that's a big difference.


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  • Stop being a weirdo and go talk to her the next time you see her at school. 2 years is not a big difference

    • I would like to, but she is always with someone else and I'm quiet a shy guy. But thanks for the answer.

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  • Talk to her.. easiest way to find out

    • Ok bro, but can you tell me how can I start a conversation with her? Thanks for the answer.

    • Make an excuse to talk to her like asking what the time is or find something she's interested and talk about that. If you are shy start off with a smile and say hi/wave when you make eye contact then work your way up to a convo when you are a bit more comfortable

    • Thanks, I think that I can do that. You gave me a boost.

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