Can't understand a complicated guy. It's over, but I'm still confused. *LONG STORY* what to do?

pardon for any mistakes, I'm brazilian
okay, I met this guy at college, last year. he's shy, socially awkward, the intellectual and bookworm type, who doesn't know how to handle social relations.
I found him interesting since the first time I saw him, and I just knew him first because a common friend told me "I have a handsome friend to introduce to you" and showed me his Facebook profile. but she didn't do anything to introduce us, so I did it all by myself, talking to him spontaneously.
I started texting him via Facebook weekly, just to talk a little, and later he started to do the same. we spent months and months talking to each other about a lot of subjects, every day, he shared his interests with me, but we almost never chatted in person, 'cause our classes on college weren't on the same time and getting in touch during breaks was impossible. meanwhile, my crush on him was going stronger.
later, when we finally had a time together, and our schedules matched, I broke the ice and talked to him in person. everything worked good and I got sure that I could ask him out (I was afraid of having nothing to talk to him while on a date). then, we started to spend time together and it was awesome and cute. I started to think he was feeling the same way I fell, cause he acted nervous around me, sat by my side every class we had together (he even changed places when he saw me). I finally asked him out, and he said yes. and there comes the strangest part.
we went out to the movies and nothing happened. he didn't catch my clues, and didn't give the first step (neither I did, 'cause I was nervous). on our way to the bus station, I held his hand. at the bus station, he started talking. "I suppose you have a crush on me". I confirmed it. "Well, I wanted to make out with you, but I have a friend with benefits and thought that you would get angry about it because you seem like a monogamous person". (to be continued...)
at the time, I said it wasn't a big deal, but later I started thinking what did he mean. if it was only a friendship with benefits, it wouldn't mean a lot to him. so, why would he mention it while on a date? I got really confused. later, I asked him what did he want me to do. did he think we could develop something, hang out a little more, or his friends with benefits was preventing him of doing something? then he answered: "I dislike relationships in general, I prefer being alone".
so, I don't understand anything at all. Did he do this because he was afraid? Was he just not into me? Why mention a friend with benefits if other boys would skip this detail, make out and enjoy the date? if he suspected of my crush and didn't correspond it, why did he go out with me? Is it because of his social awkwardness? I still can't figure it out. I keep telling myself he just didn't like me as much as I liked him, but it's still weird. that's it.


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  • I think that he probably has feelings for you but is to scared to take the next step so he is trying to get out of the whole thing in general. Some people like to self destructe their own relationships


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  • Wow. I came her to help you but I don't really know what to say.. That was really strange o. o
    All I can say is that he's the only one who can answer your questions. But obviously that would imply you asking him... now is in your hands, what you want to do or not. Good luck (:

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    • ok, thanks for trying to help, anyway! <3

    • you're welcome (:

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