Best flirting techniques to get a Valentine's date?

So this guy and I are really close. We spend a lot of time together and cuddle a lot but neither of us has tried to take the next step and actually ask the other on a date. I have never been asked out before and I really want that. Is there anything I could do to move things along faster?
Any flirting tips would be great.


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  • oh na na whats my name oh na na whats my name... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh get touchy flirty

    • I already am touchy flirty. We are always touching. For example during class or when we go to lunch together we are always touching feet/legs, we are constantly just sitting side by side touching, I sit in his lap, and we cuddle. I don't think I can do more short of just grabbing his face and kissing him which I prefer not to do because it would defeat the purpose of this.

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    • I know there is nothing wrong with it. I just want to be asked out because I have never been asked out before. Also we are in the same major so we see each other a lot and I want to know that both of us are willing to do this because if it goes bad we still have to see each other a lot.

    • then tell him you really like him

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