GIRLS: Do you think this is why I have no luck with dating or a girlfriend of anything?

Out of all the questions I've asked, this one is most important. I don't talk to girls, but that is only because I have a lot of self confidence issues. I have confidence issues about my body, as I think my body is horrible. That interferes with my social confidence and that could explain why I am 17 but never had a girlfriend :'( So I'm just going to come right out and ask it. I am creative and have a good sense of humor and (apparently) a cute face. So is my body the reason, or is it something else. And could you give me some advice down below. thank you

I know it is difficult to be honest but think about it this way. If you tell me a white lie then I won't know that my body could be the issue and I won't workout because I won't think it is and that will keep preventing me from getting a girlfriend. If you think my body is the problem, feel free to tell me, I've gotten mixed responses about my body before this too :/ Please be nice though, I have a lot of self confidence issues about my body. But at the same time be honest. If enough people say it is my body I will start seriously working out. If not I'll just start exercising to be healthy but not as intensely. So is it my body, or no?

Also, could you give me some tips for getting a girlfriend. that would be great.

Thank you, I know you guys will respect this question and answer it with thought :)

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I kinda hope it is my body because I can change that easily, but at the same time I kinda hope it isn't because no one wants a body that repulses women. Please vote honestly though, you won't help me if you lie
And please answer the question as well if you could. The poll is just a small part the bigger part is trying to improve my social life :/


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  • What are you talking about? Your body looks great. So it can't be that. You are still pretty young so don't worry about it. You shouldn't be afraid to talk to girls because that might be the reason you haven't had a girlfriend.

    • I'm 17, and 17 is old (isn't it?) Yeah, I never talk to girls. Even if they talked to me first. But I don't think that is why, as girls will date guys they like even if the guys aren't talking to them

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    • Thank you for your feedback, cheered me up a lot. I think I've gotten all the responses I need, so I will be deleting this account (it was only meant for these two questions). Whenever you get around to reading this though, thanks a ton :) You cheered me up when I was having a bad day. So thanks

    • You are so welcome! I'm glad I cheered you up :) good luck with everything!

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  • @24sugarbaby - listen to this girl mate, she knows what she is talking about. really helped me a lot this one ^^^ :)

  • well your normal and not afraid to show your pros and cons,
    you just have bad luck, just be nice to people so when someone says that your nice a girl might think "yeah, he is"
    good luck,

    • Yes, I am certainly willing to admit I have flaws. The way I see it it isn't as though the people who DON'T admit it DON'T have cons, it is just that they aren't admitting the cons that they do have. No one is perfect

    • I'm using this comment as an update section because I ran out of updates. But seriously guys I said GIRLS. Guys, it is fine if you give me advice, but don't vote on the poll. I was only asking girls

    • The question says GIRLS. The question is why all the votes from girls were positive and ALL the votes from guys were negative... Not sure, but it is odd. Guys, please don't vote in the poll. I'm deleting this account regardless so it doesn't really matter

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