When will girls/women stop trying to use "The Force" on quiet guys lol? if you like us just say it, we would likely go out with you anywhere?

obviously they don't use the force, that is a joke... sort of. but we all know that a lot of girls (pretending to be old fashioned) usually feel that its a guys job to do this and that to start a relationship.

do girls not feel more comfortable around quiet guys? why don't you say anything?


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  • Hahaha I love this question. Fear of rejection is all I've got.

    I've made it clear I liked a guy before and none of those ever returned the feelings.


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  • From my experience women just don't want to be the asker. They really feel, on a primal level, that it's the man's job to be seeker. I think I agree with that because men are much better equipped mentally to handle rejection. Some of us have invincible egos after all. You don't meet many women like that. It's just easier if we ask them. Although, if she's so skiddish she avoids me, it's going to make it hard to ask her, isn't it? At least be able to stay in the same room as me and I'll get around it it eventually.

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