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There's this really attractive fella I've been noticing. I see him every single day, but we've never talked. He and I will make eye contact so many times, but we never tend to smile at each other, nor do we check one another out when we're looking at each other. I'm starting to like him, even though we don't know each other. I feel like I should make a move, but then again, I don't want to make a fool of myself since I'm shy and awkward. Lol I think I should take the chance before someone else does, what do you think?


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  • Make a move. You should definetely do it. It's better to do something, even if it goes wrong, than regretting later for something you could've done. I mean it, don't do it and you may wonder forever what would've happened if you had done it and you'll regret. And this is the worst kind of regret. Personal experience.

    • Yeah, I agree. So it's definitely worth it then, even if it'll make a couple things awkward when we see each other everyday if something goes wrong?

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    • Alright, I'll test out the waters. Thank you for your feedback. :)

    • You're welcome! Good luck!

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  • First you should do is start talking to him

    • Is it a bit awkward at first when a girl approaches you rather than the stereotypical boy chases girl idea?

    • If you want him to initiate the conversation you have to let him know that you are interested

    • True, thanks for your contribution. :)

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  • "You snooze, you lose" as the old saying goes, i_mmortal, and with This, yes, I agree, for if you don't do something First, someone else will jump in your shoes And-----Take the chance.
    He may be feeling with 'Make eye contact' that you are just Looking but are not really seeing him. He may have this attraction for you, but could be feeling that your head is not really reeling in his direction so he doesn't have the confidence to find out if there is more in store with even a "Hello."
    Go ahead and give him a smile, even a "Hi" on your own end. Try this first. If he responds from his own end, then perhaps you can both start talking and begin your beguine of------Being friends for now.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much! I will definitely smile at him to start it off. But, I really appreciate your advice. :)

    • Oh, you are so welcome and thank you, sweetie... a smile works wonders, believe me. xxoo

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