Why do I have such a low response rate from girls on PlentyOfFish?

I mean I barely ever ever get a response, and a lot view my profile. I've had girls I have asked to give me their opinion say that my profile looks good... I am also somewhat good looking too. I don't get it.

My messages always mention a few things that I read in their profiles and I ask them about it, etc.


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  • Is your profile readily available? Do females have to dig through the 300 other guys to find you? Maybe, you're not as good looking as you perceive yourself. Maybe, your income is not high enough to draw interest.

    • 50-75K. I'm 25.

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    • I message them?

    • If you message them and they don't respond, they're either fake, or they're not interested in you. What's your competition like on POF?

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  • Maybe you don't have enough on your profile, or when you message women, you might come across as too nonchalant?

  • Maybe you're just not their type which isn't a bad thing at all.


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  • I was on that 4 years ago for a few months. Got no responses at all whatsoever.