What is the best way to make the first move?

I really like this guy and we hang out a lot. I'm pretty sure he likes me back (95%). We cuddle, he brings me snacks and he even helped me at work today by doing dishes even though I didn't ask. I want to move this relationship forward but I'm not sure how to do it. Any ideas? I don't want to just blurt out "I like you will you go out with me" though.

This is no longer an issue. We finally did stuff today that shows we like each other. Problem solved. :)


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  • He's probably asking himself the same question. Blurting it out will bring an instant result, but if that's not your style and you'd rather hear it from him first, step up your flirt game and playfully say things like "oh don't lie, we both know you like me :P" etc, and he'll probably just come out with it and say "you're right, I do." one day.


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