Blocked on Whats app?

So I met a guy a few of months ago and we stayed in touch over the past couple months. Unfortunately, I met him at a place where my ex was and they are acquaintances. My ex told me he was uncomfortable with me talking to him, but he is not someone I care to appease anymore. Long story short, we were getting along and it was a fun fling until... my ex took my phone (we have been broken up for almost 8 months now), and texted him telling him to stop talking to me and we are working things out... not true at all. At that point the guy called my ex's phone and typical my ex did not answer. He sent my ex a few texts.. And then the guy proceeded to block me on Whatsapp.

Drama is not my thing. The situation was immature and uncomfortable. However, I still think about that guy and wonder if I should ever reach out or just move on and forget about it.

Any advice is welcome.


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  • It seems like he knows what happened to your phone. If that's the case then go ahead and move on if you can. If he spends time with your ex then he'll probably be majorly influenced by him. On the other hand, why would he take your phone if the guy himself was friendly and took his advice? Try to talk and sort things out but don't expect much from him and be ready to move on.


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