Can I ask out an African girl?

I really like this girl who is African. And I'm not fetishising her race she just happens to be from there. But I guess usually black girls prefer their own race. Most immigrant girls do they dont like European guys so much. Should I even bother asking her out?

Reason why I don't just ask is because I rarely see guys from my country with an immigrant girl and especially not African so I just guess they don't like us


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  • No, she should only be with black men


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  • Yes just ask her out, don't be weird about it so it seems like it's because of her race. You also never know maybe she has no preference or maybe her preference is European men.

    • Also if you never ask you'll never know and there's always a chance she might like you so why not ask her just in case she likes since there's a chance and if you don't you could have missed out on a really great girl.

  • Yes, go for it. :D Maybe she'll see that your really into her and not reject you!

  • I say go for it.
    She can say yes or no it couldn't be that bad. Just please don't try showing up to a date wearing traditional African garb (joke but one guy did play African music on a date before im like wtf im American) or talking about racial issues. Lol why go there its 2015.
    I've dated white men (im black and majority of guys I've dated or been in relationships were white) and some fail to realize that just because they play tupac or something that will not make their chances a lot better. Lol I mostly listen to electronica and alternative, anyway. But thats guys who just are new to it. Dont keep looking at her to hard, too. I understand for conversation and when necessary but just realize she's a human. Just different culturally and ethnically. But yea staring hard... Thats just weird and what race fetishists do. Its so annoying. And #1 tip even if you are just curious do not say "ive never been with a black girl before " or "do you date white guys" I dont know about other girls but this is a red flag that she's just a test drive. Messed up but had to learn for myself and its just being real... but either way if it doesn't work out just for future reference this will help you exceptionally!!! The most attractive thing about a man is confidence, I see you mentioned you are shy but its something you have to get past in the dating world. Even me but its different for a woman. If she turns you down shake it off! Many fish in the sea, wish you the best :)

    • Well the difference between white and black americans is that they are both americans so there aren't all that many culture barriers what so ever. With someone from another continent like it is in my case there is a huge barrier.

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  • some black girls don't care about race actually... hope she doesn;t :-)

  • As long as you're white, you have a good shot with a girl of any race. And immigrant girls are usually shy because they just migrated.

  • Yea for sure. She's going to love your white dick

    • I can't tell if that's sarcastic or not :')

    • Nono lol I'm being serious

      It's a sexual turn I'm for most. So that's going to help. If she's always into black men. She'll be excited to chill with you

      Well depends. If she's like thug black then maybe not. But if she's just normal. Then yes

  • Maybe stick to Norwegian girls or females with low IQs.

    • Aren't those the same thing :p (I'm from sweden so we hate norway)

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    • You clearly know nothing of northen rivalries. They aren't based on actual hate it's more like brothers

    • "(I'm from sweden so we hate norway)"
      I know only what you tell me.