Will I be single for the rest of my life?

I feel there is no point in dating because I am ugly and unwanted. People always tell me not to give up but I have never dated a girl. Most girls just treat me like I am the scum of the earth when I am kind and caring. So do I just give up?

Please be nice.
Thank you.


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  • I know its hard to find sex confidence, when you feel like you've been rejected all of your life.
    I say... stop listening to the negative things people tell you and try to date.
    Put on your best clothes, get a hair cut, and go out there in the field.
    Putting yourself out there is the only way you will ever get a chance at dating.
    Sitting there and waiting for that to come to you will most likely never happen.
    "Most girls just treat me like I am the scum of the earth when I am kind and caring."
    It's okay to be those things "kind and caring".
    If do not be a floor mat.
    Show that you have a back bone.
    People will respect you when you do.

    • Yeah I had a bit of an argument with a girl at university in the computer lab the other day and made her back down.

    • What really happened?

    • It was a bit of a fight she thought I was rude and I thought she was

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  • Most girls make you feel like scum? Where do you meet girls and what kind of girls do you go for?

    Also big problem is you have no confidence. Also looking somewhat decent is necessary. So shower everyday, get a bit more fit if you want, get a nice haircut etc.

    • I meet girls at my university. I don't ever go to clubs or bars anymore. I usually like blonde girls but there are some other girls I like to. Even when I have confidence it seems to make no difference. I personally think I do look somewhat decent.

    • You like blonde girls? Is that all? I have a feeling you go for the hot chiks who could get any hottie, and are often kinda mean.

      You think you have confidence isn't realky confidence. Confidence comes from inside. You can't act confident so that others would believe you, if you are truly insecure.

  • You won't be single forever unless you bring it upon yourself. For example: not going out, etc .

    You are not ugly and unwanted, you are unique and I don't think you are ugly. Don't let anyone tell you different.

    If you are kind and caring you will most likely find a kind and caring girl.

    Women who treat men like that should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe the problem is with them and not you? Maybe that's why they treat you like that.

  • To tackle the problem, one must first analyze and point out the reasons that bring the problem.. in order to fix it... So... in what ways do girls treat you like scum? and why do you assume you're treated that way? ...

    • Girls laugh at me, they scowl and frown at me. Even when I just glance at them.

  • What makes you think that you're ugly and unwanted? Don't you have friends and family? They care about you.

    • Yes I have family and friends that care about me but I was meaning in the dating world I am ugly and unwanted. I have never had a girlfriend in the 32 years I have been alive because I pretty much only ever get treated like I am the scum of the earth when I am a good, kind and caring person.

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    • Well it's okay to feel ugly sometimes. I think that's normal. I feel ugly at times too but just remember that you are attractive in your own way.

    • Thank you at least you can see that.

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  • Don't give up, but be ready to fail, realize that most of the time you're gonna fail. Your percentage of success is pretty low, just like anybody else. Be ready to get kicked on the balls by a bitch called "Life".

    Some of us are meant to die alone. I've been looking for a girl for 5 years. I had gfs in the past, but I've been single for too long, it sucks, and even though I try, I'm coming to believe I'll stay alone forever.

    Just keep moving on and smiling, anything else won't help :)

    • I am worse than most people. Most people have had a partner by my age. I think I am one of those people that are meant to die alone. I have been single for 32 years and I am 32.

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    • How come you don't answer my questions

    • Oh sorry mate, I posted that in the wrong place that was not meant at you :)

  • Right there with you except the getting treated like scum. How does that happen? I've never had a "real" relationship and I'm 31. Now it's due to working night shift and saving money to move. But once I move I plan to change this, I'm excited to change this!

    I think it could be your environment. Change it up. Go for different types of women, different approaches, different dates. And even start speaking your mind more, inserting an opinion more often.

    Definitely don't give up! I've got my issues and have felt the same way but I know once I change a couple things that can be changed, i'lI be in a better direction.
    There's got to be at least one woman that is pretty much just like me that I can marry and have lacrosse champions with. Only way to find her is to get out there.

    • I am ugly, that is why girls treat me badly. The way I feel right now is I never want to get married. I don't feel I can trust a girl enough to get married to her.

    • So you need a girl that feels the same way. Don't pay any mind to girls that, with your confidence down, are out of your league.

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    • Um. Even when I am positive it feels like it still makes no difference.

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    • Don't gotta trust 'em, just get to know 'em first. You might not even like them once you know them. Go slow.

    • Yeah I guess your right.

  • dude you're just insecure... not ugly

  • If you think yourself not worthy you will never be. Change or be happy with your choice.

    • Even when I don't think that I am still not worthy though.

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    • I do want help but I am confused with your messages that is all

    • YOU live once. Accept what and who you ate, live every moment to the fullest and stop thinking so much. Ok? No need to message me back my main man.

  • you need to call queer eye for the straight guy and get a make over.

  • Do you want to give up?

    • I feel like I have no choice but to give up. I would love a relationship, I only want one girl to love but it feels most girls hate me.

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    • Girls like tall guys though, I am only 5ft7

    • Doesn't mean there are no girls around your height