What can possibly go wrong starting a relationship with a 20 yr old being my age?

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  • Eggghhh besides partying and maturity levels I dont see another.


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  • I feel like most 20 & 30 year olds are in different paths in life & have much different needs. At least for me I want to go out & have fun but maybe a 30 year old wants to settle down? Who knows, everyone is different.

    • i m talking to a 20 yr old. i m the cool 30 yr old... who likes fun and being cool at times and she's a mature 20 yr old. i m back in college... girls your age are surprised in m 31... they demand my id when i tell them lol thats the feeling they get around me...

  • Nothing if she's a cool mature girl. If she's immature or just a bad person she might get drunk easier and throw up in your car. I'm basing this on my own life experience at 20, before i figured out how much i can handle.


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