How do I start talking to him again?

Him and I dated him 2 years ago, but I kind of messed it up because I wasn't looking for a relationship at the time and he was. He was really interested in me and pursed me. We hang out and dated for about 2 months. But then he got a girlfriend 5 months later and I did sort of regret it then not pursing him and seeing where things could have gone. He broke up with his girlfriend about 2 months ago. We haven't talked for two years though. I kinda of want to start talking to him again so how can I do that? How do you think he feels about me now and do you think its worth having a second try at it/ is there even potential?


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  • If he was really interested in you like you say then I would think he'd be fine with you trying to talk to him again. If you guys were really meant to be then he would wait for you if you had a boyfriend at the time, at least I would think so? I think you should start out slow thought maybe say something like "Hey I haven't talked to you in awhile. We were pretty good friends before and I'd like to try again?". Yeah, I do think it's worth having a second try and if you guys get along well, and have some thing's in common then I'd say yes. There is potential.

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