Should I be dating my ex's best friend?

I was recently dating a girl and then she broke up with me, I was kind of glad because there was this other girl I liked but is my ex's best friend. So now this other girl and I are dating but she isn't talking to me much and won't tell me when I ask her if she's alright. Please tell me some advice on how to make this better.


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  • She is hurting as nature, and there is nothing you can do about it. The problem can only be solved between those girls as they were best friends, and they had to compromise something to let you date your ex-best friend. You are not your ex's boyfriend anymore, so you have nothing to worry about that.
    But to make her less hurt, don't date or show up together in front of her, and don't call your new girlfriend while she is with your ex. Ask your new girlfriend to do something about this if you care, but I would suggest them handle it alone.

    • My gf asked if that was okey with my ex behind my back and my ex doesn't care

    • Your ex said that because she cares about your girlfriend's happiness ! Just let the time do its job. Don't worry to much. You have your girlfriend now. The past is the past.

    • Thanks you were really helpful

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  • Do it, have fun. And don't feel guilty, you're definitely not doing anything wrong or playing games, enjoy the moment !!

  • I dated my ex's best friend in high school it was fine.

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