I want to date the queen of introverts?

I want to date this girl. She is really smart, funny, and an all around good person. She is an introvert. I say queen because she is like the leader of this giant group of introverts. Are 2 introverts dating a good idea? Is it awkward? Is there anything I should know about dating an introvert?

And one of her friends is extremely discomforted by my presence with her because i had your classic grade school crush on her. How do I get her to warm up to me?


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  • i think introverted people match each other very well (assuming you think introversion is different to actually being shy). since introverted people don't like too much socializing it means you have that in sync and you will probably have more solo hobbies in common (music, watching movies, going for walks?)

    warming up to someone takes time, so don't push it and just be yourself, polite and friendly, and get to know her friends. if her friends like you it's so much easier :) going out in a group scenario is a good idea for that reason, and you can always pair off later and talk to her alone, good luck!


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  • If she finds you attractive and likes you as a person then it is a possibility. If either of those is missing, then you'll have a rough path in front of you.

  • "queen because she is like the leader of this giant group of introverts"

    I don't think you understand what an introvert is if she's a leader of a group of introverts. That goes against the whole concept of being introverted.

    • Confused me at first. She's extremely close friends with 3 people. They invited their few friends, and they invited theirs and so on. They all sit together silently awkward during lunch.

    • Yeeah.. that must be some neo-introvertion because growing up as an introvert I'd avoid large groups as to not suffer through the awkward silences and the annoyance of people near me. Either they just like calling themselves introverts because its seems "cool" to them or the whole concept has evolved.

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