Is this a good idea?

So I met this girl from my lecture last week and I'm crushing on her pretty hard. Problem is, due to our schedules I don't think I'll have a chance to really spend any time with her so I could at least try to charm her. I added her as a fb friend and I have messaged her a few times, but the convos are not very engaging. I'm sure if I were to ask her out to dinner now she would decline.

I just had an idea and wanted to know your thoughts. I just moved to the country I'm residing in and so need to go buy some stuff from ikea which is like 45min away ($60 taxi ride one way). She's the only one I know with a car so I was thinking of asking her if she could do me a huge favor and take me. Then ask her out to dinner if it goes well. Thoughts? Girls what would you think/do if some guy from the same program asked this of you?

PS We had one 1hour group lunch, that's the only time we've spent together.

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So, I just came back from lecture and managed to sit next to her. We talked and joked around whenever we could. The good news is that I asked her if she could take me to ikea and she said yes. The bad news is that 5 minutes later I found out she has a boyfriend. So yea, pretty bummed.


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  • Not sure. Every woman is different so you'll just have to figure out what makes this one click. Maybe a picnic for starters. Or another group get together.

    • The point of asking her to go to ikea is so I can ask her for a date later. I need to spend some time with her first to find out if we're even compatible. I could ask her on a date right now, but I'm 90% sure if I did she would decline. There's also almost no other way of me being able to spend time with her due to our different schedules and huge class size (~500 people, hard to find a seat let alone find one next to her).

    • No, I'm saying befriend her first.

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