How to end this dry season?

I haven't dated anyone for about 5 years. Mostly because I've been busy with uni and work. but I'm graduating soon and Ill be ready for a girlfriend. But so long of no activity with girls I've become inept with girls. And I have ADHD, its hard to socialize for a guy with ADHD. I'm typically a lowly feeling guy with bad self esteem. What should I do?


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  • Start with your self esteem. Take a look at yourself and figure out what you find negative. The things you can change, start making plans to improve them. The things you can't, work on accepting these things and like everyone else, learn to like your own faults. Once you like yourself women will follow. Don't worry about the "dry season" I guarantee there have been people with much longer spells. Don't worry so much as to "when" you'll get this relationship as so much as who will be in it. Go out and meet people and find a girl who is compatible with you and then go from there. It may happen next week, next month or next year. If you like her you won't mind the wait.


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