I am so confused, what to do?

Hi, I've never had a boyfriend yet I am in my 20s. I am just very picky. There is a guy I like, he is a family friend, also 2yrs younger. He is always nice and he is very cute. He has a positive opinion about me, but don't know if he likes me. I can't really flirt with him as he is a family friend, so it's awkward. He is always on fb and whatsapp chatting to girls I assume and liking pictures. Never liked anything of mine. I am nice looking but don't post many pics in short dresses or bikini. I want to tell him I like him. I am afraid he'll reject me or maybe we end up on one date but I want a relationship. I feel so confused, because I just don't know how to behave anymore, I am starting to hate guys because I feel all are same... Help me, how do I make this guy to give me time of day? I've read a thousand articles and paid for dating advice, tried applying some of it, yet I can't seem to get the guy I want!


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  • If he's a family friend and not related just get chatting to him to find out if you have similar interests then when you feel comfortable around him just ask him out for a drink or a walk if he's not interested move on most people have been rejected at some point that's life girl you'll find someone and all the best

  • do you trust him?

    • what do you mean? we aren't really friends, but yes that's a part of why I like him as I know him so I guess I do trust him

    • if you trust him, then you can approach to at least show interest, right? meaning, why don't you start hanging out with him more?

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