How to be upfront with a guy?

Hi again,
I like the honesty on this site so I'm here for advice (again).
Anyway.. you know when you decide to see where a potential relationship is at... how would you approach the sensitive topic?
I'm thinking of sending this for example as a message (we are organising the next meet up and tbh I was expecting him to ask me to be his Valentine since he asked me if I was busy then. But he never actually asked so I need to know if I'm getting ahead of myself... I know for sure he's casually sleeping with one other girl he knew before he met me. But a little competition can't hurt):

"Btw, it's important to be upfront when you meet someone. I'm not looking for a fuck buddy.
Not really looking for anything haha, but I'm interested in getting to know you, not just sleep with you. I don't find fuck buddies rewarding cause I like sweetness in life, all the good things. There's plenty of people to fuck right? To me, there's nothing worse than a situationship or clingy people! If this is where you at, cool, we can have a good time. Otherwise wouldn't be interested in meeting up again any time soon sorry!"

Yay or nay?
Thank you so much for your wisdom


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  • I say go for it. It's pretty straightforward.

  • ask if he wants to have you exclusively and don't pressure him for an answer straight away tell him he can reply next day.


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