Haven't heard from her in 3 days?

I've been talking to this girl for about 1 and half months.. Everything went well.. We hung out when we could. Talked on the phone everyday and texted everyday.. I brought the relationship status up to her on where she wants this to go and really didn't give me a clear answer.. Cause she said she wasn't good with this conversation.. So I assumed it was to early to talk about it and said when she's ready she can bring it up. And then told her we could just have fun and be friends with benefits.. She then said friends with benefits really dont talk on the phone everyday and text everyday and immediately changed the topic. After that I told myself i wasn't going to text or call like i was doing so she kept calling me everyday and texting me.. So she invites me to get out of town for the weekend with her friends and her friends friends.. Which majority of them she knew.. So when I arrive she basically doesn't have anything to do with me.. We spoke maybe 4 times? she had bought me lingerie for that weekend but none of that happened.. So I left early before everyone woke up without saying bye. I did relay a message to one of her friends the previous night to let them know I had plans to be somewhere the next day. I was thinking she would text me within a day or 2 to talk about what happened over the weekend and why she was being distant.. not sure if I should text to get a answer or just leave it be for the way she was acting? before the weekend though it was going well


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  • I don't get how asking where the relationship is going a whole month and a half in talking and hooking up is too soon. You both need to know what you want in life if you are going to have a mature relationship.
    Young people these days (I say as a young person myself) just leave everything to chance!! :')
    Message her how you feel, even if she rejects you.. at least you can move on and stop wasting your efforts.


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  • Well no offence but to me you just sounded like you was acting like a complete asshole the entire time.
    She probably thinks you should go fuck yourself for being so bad.
    I could be wrong though that's just how your portraid your story to me.

    • where in that did I portray being a asshole? hell I thought I handled it pretty well when she was being distant.. If I had invited her somewhere I would try to make her comfortable around my friends.. I got the opposite..

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    • Someone ended up sleeping by themselves that night.. She had nothing to do with me and when I woke up she was upstairs passed out so I left. Why would she invite me and had plans to do things and do nothing at all? I got played in a way

    • @asker yeah even now my assumption is the same of you.
      So what you slept alone she is not your gf you assumed you was gonna get laid.
      No reason to be rude and leave without saying goodbye.
      I don't get why you are now wondering why she is ignoring you lol.

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