I like this girl but I'm still hurt from my ex, help?

I'm not really sure what to do in this situation.

I met a girl in August of last year and we hit it off. I thought I was really to start back dating since I took 4 months off after my EX left me.

The new girl is really great and I enjoy spending time with her. The only issue is that I can't stop thinking about my EX and it's causing me not to give my complete attention to this new girl. I thought I was ready to be with her but now I'm not so sure but I don't want to lose her completely.

Last December me and the new girl has a bit of a falling out because of all this (I had to tell her) and she didn't speak to me for about a month. She texted me out of the blue a few days ago and told me that she's not made anymore and just wanted to say hello (she's a sweet girl like that). I don't know what to do at this point because I don't know if I'm ready to be with her yet and I don't know if I'm over my EX enough yet to really focus on her. But I still don't want to let the new girl go yet.

Any ideas on what to do?


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  • Look man, You gotta decide whether or not you want your ex to keep dictating your life. Has she moved on? Then you should too. If you really like this new girl, then see what happens. I'm assuming your breakup with your ex happened within a year ago. (Since you met the new girl in August of last year). So you should at least try and move on with her.

    But if you seriously can't, then don't. But just know, your ex is moving on, while your throwing girls away that like you a lot, for your ex that has moved on..


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  • Everyone has that person that is hard to get over. It is heart breaking during the time but when you look back you will be asking why it took so long to get over. The main thing here is you have to start moving on. If you are still in contact with your ex, you may need to take a breather to heal. With this new girl, I understand not wanting to let her go, but if you truly can't allow yourself to be with her 100% then it is selfish to hold on to her. She deserves someone who wakes up excited to have her in their life (just like you do) and if you aren't ready to give her that, then you have to let her go until you are.

  • Why not test the grounds by dating but be straight that there is no relationship... Yet?

  • It is hard to get over someone that you loved for so long and your not over her yet and if your not ready for a relationship yet you need to wait because it is not fare to the other girl. I know you don't want to let the new girl go but it's the right thing to do, I would just talk to the new girl and tell her exactly how you feel I know it will hurt her but it would hurt even worse if you were to get into a relationship with her and all your thinking about is your Ex.

    If I may ask, did you get closure when your Ex left you? If not maybe you need to get closure to move on.


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