Girl flirts all the time [only with me] but has a boyfriend! HELP!

I'm sorry this is so long, but here it goes:

Okay, so a little more than a month ago I met this gorgeous girl. We "clicked" instantly.

She ALWAYS says hi to me whenever we are out and run into each other (which happens VERY often). After flirting with her and talking with her a couple weeks, I log in to Facebook one day and randomly find a message from her telling me her cell phone number (which I had not yet asked for) and to call or text her if I ever wanted to get a meal and that it would be more efficient way of communicating. (She also added a smiley).

Before this happened, I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to pursue her, because in my past experiences, girls that are that nice and pretty come with a price!

After having some meals together (usually with her friends there) we got to studying together sometimes. So on one of these study sessions, I decided to ask her to go to dinner with me... REAL dinner... like at a restaurant. She nodded and said yes but it would have to be a on a weekend.

Naturally, I thought all was going. She had an event she was performing in that week she invited me to. I told her I couldn't go. She was sad. However, I had already bought a ticket and planned to surprise her. The afternoon (a few hours before the event) I saw her in the lunch room. We talked a bit and I invited her to one of MY events. She said yes but not this weekend because her boyfriend was coming. She said this quietly, almost shamefully like she didn't want me to hear. I even had to ask again what she said because I didn't hear her. I was late for a meeting so I had to go. I was a bit taken back though and didn't know what to say except for "oh... cool".

I was p*ssed off and sad at the same time. We still talk and somehow... no matter what I do. She is ALWAYS getting lunch or dinner when I am. I tested the theory by waiting 2 hours before I went to lunch... sure enough. There she was! The other day I rolled out of bed and saw her walking to the shower wearing nothing but a towel. She threw a sly but shy smile at me as she opened the door to the shower room.

She is always still friendly with me and offers to help me with studying. I did end up going to her event but I had a low profile and blended myself in with the crowd. She had no idea I was there. When I told her I went to her event she was VERY excited.

I have talked to friends about this and they say to wait a couple weeks then somehow tell her how I feel.

Her boyfriend is coming up one of these weekends and I plan NOT to be here when that happens. The caveat is that she lives a few doors down from me in the same dormitory and two weeks is a long time.

What do I do? I am also unsure of HOW I am going to tell her or what her reaction could be. :-(

Also, I don't know anything about the boyfriend or their relationship status (good/bad whatever). I just don't understand why she didn't tell me in the beginning.


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  • May e they just find you attractive.l


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