Did I read him wrong? Or run away just in time?

So I started dating this guy who I used to go to school with in middle school. We lost touch over the years and never spoke. Years later he came to me for a haircut. Seeked me out on Facebook and asked me on a date. He picked me up we went to dinner but towards the end of the night he got too tipsy and I didn't notice till he started driving me home on the back roads and I was scared. Then he made me promise wed go to the beach together and I said yes (I know I know) thinking he was just messing around. Well he kept his word and he did take me to the beach. We had a greattime. He spent so much money on doing that and I've never had someone do that for me we sang to each other and cuddled and looked for shells and walked the beach together. It felt really good.. he was living about 8hrs away at the time but up visiting his parents for the summer so for the next two months we spent almost everyday together at his request. He introduced me to his family and friends and came and spent time with my family helping on the farm. Bought a dog from my dad (my dad trains dogs for police) took us to movies dinner. Yet, he never wanted to meet my friends, he scoffed at me when i closed the truck door and the dog was in the backseat trying to sniff the air we are on a busy road, he told my dad I have a poor work ethic right in front of me, he didn't even kiss me bye before he went back to California. At this point were still dating (when he was sweet he was really sweet, I did like him a lot) just wondering what to think. Maybe I was being too sensitive? I feel like reconnecting but wondering what this all means? Why would he introduce me to his family spend all that money on me spend time with my family and yet tell me I don't have a work ethic, and just be blatantly rude to me? And why would he be so upset when I break it off? I didn't think he was happy and I wasn't happy with things he'd say to me sometimes we weren't in the same state. Did he really care and I misread him?


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  • Not sure. He seems controlling.