People that rebound.. Do they win?

So when you rebound someone and convince them to love you, and you lie and tell them you love them too. But then you lie even more about your ex, and swear the ex is nothing to you, but end up cheating on them and leaving them for the ex, and say its all their fault. But they loved you. And not only that, but after the cheating, you beg for the rebound back, get him back, treat him like shit again, and leave for the old boyfriend AGAIN. But the poor reboundee was so blinded by love, he just wanted to love the girl..

But the rebounder just goes back with the old boyfriend and lives happily ever after while the reboundee is left in the dust with a broken heart, and misses the rebounder.

Does the rebounder always win? I wish i believed in karma, but i see a lot of evil people in this world doing very well for themselves, after causing others so much hurt. Its pathetic to me that the good people of this world do good, and love people, but get hurt the most. But the users and the manipulators seem to get the gold each time..

I dont think that people that rebound really understand how they used the other person. Because im sure after the ex boyfriend resurfaced, and the love you had for the guy went away, and you went back to the old boyfriend, im sure you had no guilt in what you had done at all..


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  • hmmm... :( I know how you mean. Um I had rebounded before, but I had not cheated.. and I did not realize that I rebounded until after the harm has been done, because in times, it feels as if you have moved on from your ex boyfriend, and that you really have fallen in love with the other person. And then your ex boyfriend comes back for you, and you feel that old sparkling love again for them, and you are compelled. In times it does not mean that people are evil, it means that their ex boyfriend perhaps is their Achilles heel. This is from my experience, it was terrible, and I am only now moving forward from my ex boyfriend, because I loved him with everything I had. He was my first... except he was not so nice for me.

    I do also know how you mean when you say that the people who love the most, get hurt the most, because I feel that very much. I hurt, because I am sensitive, and when I love somebody, I love them with my whole entire heart, and I cut myself completely open. That is relationship wise.

    :) :)


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  • Some people turn to alcohol in order to escape their inner turmoil. Other people, cocaine.

    But to me, the most dangerous drug you can possibly get addicted to in order to escape your own inner turmoil is another human being.

  • i was the rebound and got cheated on after being that rebound bf for a year fuck that
    i will never be a rebound again...

  • See, stuff like this gets me a little scared and nervous.

    The girl I'm currently getting with was cheated on and treated pretty dismissively by her boyfriend; he was her first and so on and we've talked about him a couple times. I was a bit of an instrument in her realising how much of a bellend he was and now she's taken a strong liking to me. I feel the same, and we'll probably end up going back out.

    If she happened to end up getting back with him, I'd be absolutely lost already and we've only known eachother 8 months. I'd feel completely betrayed. I know he's visiting her town again (he moved away) and she said because of her nature she probably would end up speaking to him instead of telling him where to go, if he approached her.

    Nervous, gag, nervous. What can I do though?

    • Its funny you say this because my ex was cheated on by her old boyfriend (Whom she's with now) And she did nothing but say mean shit about him, and i remember her saying this "He cheated on me, i would never trust him again." But who does she go back to? He was her first love too.

      Just be careful man, look for red flags, and if you find ONE. JUST ONE. Fucking leave, i swear to god people need to learn to just get over their exes..

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    • To be fair, if she dropped me at some point and went back to her ex I'd probably be a little bit lost for a while haha. I'm not generally a bitter person I don't think, so I couldn't harshly think "Go back then, get treated like shit again, fine. Your loss.".

      I'd come around to the "her loss" phase at some point... but equally I'd be sat thinking "why've you gone back to someone that doesn't treat you right?" and that would torture me. I'd have to cease contact, block her out and hope someone new came into my life, I think.

      Time will tell come March when she sees him again in person for the first time in ages. If I get any bad signs - I'm out. Not going to hesitate to make a move to make my thoughts clear this time, not after I tortured myself over that party business before.

      Just have to do your best to block her out and move on for you I guess, you'll come around eventually but it's hard to deal with when you can't stop thinking about her isn't it. Hope all turns out alright man!

    • Oh yeah, i've got her blocked on everything.. But the thing that i can't fathom is i feel pathetic. I feel like i was nothing to her at all. She had someone lined up if shit hit the fan with me, and she would run back and fourth from me to him all the fucking time.. Me, on the other hand, loved her with all my heart and didn't want anyone else.. I didn't have other girls under my belt just in case, but she always had her ex to go to. Its just now, its him and not me. So here i am crying over her, while she's probably getting smashed by him at this very second. Thats pathetic as fuck, and i hate myself for it.