No Reply, Silent Treatment?

I met this guy in October 2014, and went back home, he lives long distance from me, we talked ever since, and got on so well, chatted for up to 5 hours every night and skyped, I went back to see him end of January, everything was perfect on the first night, we just connected felt so relaxed, he asked to see me on my 3rd night, but my credit ran out and as i was going to meet him i had my phone stolen, and felt so upset and couldnt think what to do, and then someone pulled up in a bar and went after the person who had stole my phone, I didn't see him that night and he told me had waited 1 hour, and he was upset and wouldn't meet, we then arranged to meet on the last night and i was in the hotel bar he works on the reception, and i didn't know he had finished work and i texted later to ask was we meeting and he said I am at home now waited 20 mins, I was so upset i sent a text if you don't come last tonight there won't be a next time, and I kept phoning his phone i had had a few drinks, and i was messageing and next day on Facebook, he had blocked me. I have texted ever since i came home been texting everyday for 5 days. Tonight I found out from my friend he had texted her to ask how she was, and he barely spoke to her before, I wondered if he was trying to get a reaction from me, because he would know that she's a good friend and she would tell me. Opinions needed please


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  • He wanted a reaction out of you

    • What Kind of reaction do you think he was looking for? That must mean he cares about me and still has feelings for me? Does he want a reaction from me to see if I still care?