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I had been seeing this guy we had a fight the last night before I was due to go home, because he had waited 20 mins and he said i was in the hotel bar, and he went home, he worked in the reception, I was upset said if he didn't come back that night there wouldn't be a next time. The next day I went on Facebook he had blocked me. He is friends with one of my very good friends, and he knows we are really good friends, he barely spoke to her only the odd time, and that was when she messaged him, he said she was a bit weird, anyway tonight my friend told me he had messaged her to ask how she was, (he knows she has a partner), he never messaged her before so I wondered if he wanted a reaction from me, as I have texted him everyday since I have come home, we used to chat everynight, and now there has been no contact from him, is he upset and wants a reaction, or trying to make me jealous, what do you think?


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  • Probably upset/wants a reaction. I used to do this to my girlfriend... Not anymore though. Give me an ultimatum? I think not. Boom. Ignored for a couple days.

    • Thats what I thought, but what kind of reaction do you think he was looking for? That must mean that He still likes me if he wants a reaction, otherwise he would care Right?

    • To be honest , every time I did that, I didn't know what I was waiting for. You may just have to wait it out if he's similar to what I used to be. But yes he could still like you. I'm still with the girl that I did this to.

  • he's surely up to something. he wants to know how you are doing. he started feeling somehow guilt and reconsidering the situation. you shouldn't make a move until he speaks to you directly.

    • When you say reconsidering, do you mean he might want me back now?

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