Do you think he was just trying to be cool in front of his friends?

Hello! I am Russian girl and I've been living in USA for some months. There is a boy who I like and I thought he liked me, too. He invited me to cinema and for dinner, as well. We both had fun and he was very sweet, he was so interested in Russia and he really tried to impress me with all his knowledge about my country.
But yesterday as I was walking in the school I saw him talking with 3 of his friends and I heard him say "yeah, small boobs are a turn off but I'd still band that Russian chick anytime." I was taken aback! I have small boobs but I used to do ballet and rhytmic gymnastics for really long time and I find my body alright, I just have small boobs but I didn't know that it was a "mistake". In Russia I have never experienced anything like this.
The question is: do you think he was just trying to show off in front of his friends and seem cool? That's what my mom says. What do you think I should do now? Should I tell him about it?
My friends keep saying the same, that I should forget him because there are other boys who like me, too. But to me he seemed to be special and he was actually interested in my country and even learnt a few things in Russian. I am confused.


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  • He was trying to show off for his friends. Tell him how you feel and if doesn't change forget him.