Is he leading her on? Interested? Or just having fun?

Right so this guy that I kissed 2 times and has told his cousin that he liked me, he's been sexting my friend? Right so the kiss happened about a year and like in December he started snap chatting my friend and they've been sending each other dirty pictures and he's told her basically he wants to 'do it' with her. However my best friend who's his cousin & they're really close, he told her that he's not interested in my friend who he's texting! And he said he would have sex with her but never date her cause she's ugly? It doesn't make sense because he's took her out to eat once but they never kissed which was good (I really like him lol). Also he invited her to his friend's house and it was just her and 3 of his friends. He had her phone and my name was brought up and he said 'he had a lot of time for me' don't know what that means. Lastly at night after being at that house him and his friends & the girl went on a walk and he never took her home so she had to walk alone. She called him a couple of minutes after asking why he didn't walk her home and he said because He needed to get home and she said 'well can you bring me my necklace I left it at that house, I'll get it off you at lunch' and he said 'no because it'll appear to people that me and you talk if you came up to me at lunch' then he hung up! What does this mean?


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  • Leading her on and trying to fuck