What does it mean when my ex stares at me, but doesn't talk to me?

Me and my ex broke up about a week ago (ignore that reference) And he seems okay with it at first. But after a while he seemed to be getting sadder and sadder, and he has been looking at me a lot. He keeps taking glances at me, and once when he walked past me he sighed. We both agreed on staying friends, since all he did was loose interest. Even my friends notice him looking at me a lot lately. As soon as I look at him he looks away.

P. S. Tomorrow is our Valentine's Day dance, and he's going (so am I). My friends think he's gonna try and get me back but I don't know. When I told him about something me and my friend did to my friend for her own benefit (long story short, my friend still wants to date her mean boyfriend so we deleted him out of her contacts) I told my ex on Facebook and all he said was
"Thats cold -_-" cold shoulder, much?

  • He still loves me.
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  • He doesn't love me.
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  • He still loves me and will ask to me to get back together at the dance.
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  • He still loves me but won't ask me to get back together at the dance.
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  • He hasn't asked to get back with you, has he? If not then ignore