Does my ex want me back?

Me and my ex dated on November 17. We broke up on January 31. He told me he lost interest. He still agreed on being friends, yet we didn't talk to each other since it was awkward. I was hurt, and upset. But I got over it eventually, and decided to move on. According to his friend, so did he. It's been a while now and I've been watching my ex silently. While we dated, he became friends with my close friend, lets call her "Fifi". I gotten a bit, jealous-ish since he talked to her more than he talked to me. He probably noticed, since after the break up and started talking to her more, but since I tried my best to stay happy and put a smile on my face and tried to ignore everything, he talked to her less and less. I even noticed him getting more and more depressed in class. Now, all he does is sneak glances at me, and stare at me. Today when the class was laughing, he laughed and smiled while looking at me. And when I went to help some nurses, and I came back into class, he just stared at me. No expression. Then when he walked past me to put some papers away, he -sighed-. Then today when I told him about something me and my friend did, his only response was "Thats cold -_-". My friends notice him staring at me a lot, and they think he's gonna try and get me back at tomorrows Valentine's Day dance. I tried searching on Google, but it says he still loves me. But I won't believe it. I'm so confused.


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  • Ur 13 forget him, have fun bein single and dating. U have plenty of time being with one partner forever when u r ready

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