What should I do with him ?

He stares at me all the time.. And when I stare back he moves his eyes... And whatever happens in the class.. He looks at me to see if I noticed... But after the class he walk with a girl and laugh together... I really like him but we have never talk to each other... it's just an eye contact... How can I make him start a conversation with me?


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  • Start one with him seems the most simple answer, but I guess if you would rather he initiate it just give him the "come here" finger. He walk over. Boom, let conversation commence.

    • But I'm not that kind of girls who go and start the conversation with a guy... I'm so shy

    • It sounds like he might be too. At least with you anyway, but that's usually a good sign. I got it! Next time you catch him staring, stick your tongue out at him :P like that. It's playful, flirty, and he might be confident to start a conversation with you?

    • Umm but what would happen if he started avoiding me?

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