What is the deal with this guy?

okay so I met him on "move in day" at my university, and our moms and us had dinner together at the social BBQ. his mom and him were extremely nice and his mom said that if I needed anything during the year , I should feel free to tell her or him .

so after dinner, as I was going back to my room to finish unpacking, he asks me if I wanted to hang out with him later if I wasn't doing anything. I agreed.

later that night I meet up with him and we go to a party, that quickly got crashed. he was going to buy more alcohol and he asked if I wanted to come with him. I agreed. during the drive we really starting chatting and we really bonded. we found out that both of us had tons in common.

so after when we get back all the parties are crashed and he asks me if I wanted to go back to his dorm room with him, I agree.

we go back to his room and we only have one beer each. so we weren't drunk or anything . then we start to watch a movie. about ten minutes into the movie he asks me if I wanted to lie down on the bed. I do thinking its would be normal since we are friends now.

but about 5 mins later he puts his arm around me and starts to cuddle me. and he's being really sweet, I like it and cuddle him back then we kiss and then before you know it we have hooked up. he after that was done he asks me if I wanted to spend the night and cuddle but I can't because my mom was coming early to my dorm room the next day to say goodbye to me. but he texts me the next day any way.

okay so now as all classes are in session I find out he is in my class. and he still talks to me and he's really kind and sweet to me and he still will text me, but not as often , and he hasn't asked me to hang out with him again yet. and every time I see him it seems like he starts to breath more heavily and his face gets flushy and he seems shy .. but I don't know

so what's the deal with him? I really am starting to like him a lot so should I ask him to hang out? its not like he's a player either, I've haven't seen him with any other girls and he doesn't seem like the type. he's really humble and down to earth .. so what do you think the deal is? does he like me? or not.. :/


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  • I think he does...it's just that since you haven't really made any move or indicated any signs of interests..he's beginning to back down and back off. He might be getting the vibe from you that you don't wanna hangout with him againt and that hooking up totally made things weird.

    You should ask him to hangout..and if he says no then I guess you have the answer there. Though, I think it's highly unlikely that he's embarrassed/disinterested in you. It's just that he might be scared you're not interested anymore so he's backing down.

    Hope everything works out for you. Let me know how it goes!

    • Thanks for the advice :)

    • Would you mind taking a look at mine and let me know what your take on it is?

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  • blah, blah blah, I stopped reading after the second paragraph. All he wants to do is to get into your pants so either let him or move on.


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