My boyfriend and I are taking a two week break over this?

My boyfriend and I are now taking a two week break and at the end of the two weeks we are talking again now I'm a bit confused I guess he said it's n because of how he was brought up that he feels how he does over this he is muslim and he told me because of that he doesn't hang out with girls as friends he is upset because I hung out with a friend of his nothing happened of course since I don't believe in cheating so I wouldn't cheat he said he needs some time to forgive and forget that's why we are taking a two week break now for me I have been with guys who wanot me to hang out with their friends and get along with thenew but he doesn't I guess I just find thIs confusing is there anyone who knows about this kind of stuff who could try to explain this to me? Because I asked him and he insisted it was the way he was brought up but wouldn't explain much more to me about it so I'm just confused about this could really use the help before I have to talk to him in Teo weeks.


Also we have been dating for 5 months
I mentioned him being muslim because he said he's religion and the way he was brought up had to do with how he felt over this. When he met me after class the other day he was in a really good mood and was in one of the best moods I had seen him in awhile and when we went back to his place he was seeming to try to have sex with me rather then what we usually do so he put more effort in and when I thought there was something wrong I stopped so we toke a nap when he woke up he wasn't in a good mood


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  • I really wish you hasn't mentioned that he's Muslim. Anyway... he sounds controlling but I guess he wouldn't think so bc his standards are different. Just prove to him that you can trust him 100%

    • Sorry but its because he said his reasons behind being upset had to do with his religion and the way he was brought up and wait why would I need to prove I trust him 100%? he's the one who says he believes me but then turns around and wants a break cause of this I will prove that to him regardless I`m just confused even after have taken my phone he says things like this I'm confused by him and thanks

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  • Been dating 5 months and already having a 2 week break?

    He's trying to control you
    turn that 2 weeks into permanent.

    • Yeah I am considering everything I just don't understand its like saying not to be friends with guys almost thats what it feels like we will see thanks

    • It's him trying to control you.
      using emotional blackmail

      Put it this way

      If one of your friends came up to you, and told you her boyfriend had done the same crap
      would you tell her to dump him?

    • Hmm good point I would consider it yet it would have to depended on the person and why they had done that I guess but I see your point

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  • If this happens at 5 months, it'll happen again. "It's the way I was brought up" is NOT an excuse to be mentally controlling or abusive. You will be much better off with someone that was "brought up" with the right set of ideas.

    • Agreed and I am considering this all so that I know exactly what to say and what I want in two weeks when me and him talk thanks

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    • Be with someone that will inspire you to be the best you can be. Do not sacrifice basic rights just because he "was brought up like that". No excuse.

    • You have a really good point I will remember this when I am thinking about what to do you also are right and I wouldn't deny those rights when we talk in two weeks I will explain that I can't deny those rights and see if he is willing to put his views aside and not try to say that again and go from there thank you :)

  • This isn't healthy in the slightest, you should be able to hang out with friends and not have to take a break in your relationship because your boyfriend has been brought up a certain way, he should trust you and take your word for it nothing to do with his religious upbringing should be the reason why you're on a break and if that's actually the case then i would put a stop to this relationship straight away because it will only get worse with time

    • Yes thats what I thought I mean can I not be friends with a guy when we have known each other for 7 years or so now since this guy and I even tried once to see if anything was there that could be more but there wasn't after we stayed friends cause we are simply good friends and not anything more then that and yeah I am considering it all carefully so that I know exactly what I want come the time we go to talk in two weeks and thanks