Thoughts on your current partner being friends with your ex ('s)?

My girlfriend (let's call her Anna) brought up the topic of being friends with your ex's girlfriend/boyfriends.

She generally wants nothing to do with the ex (they haven't been together for 6 years) and thinks that both her and his girlfriend (who she met through college) are compatible as friends. Anna only found out that she was going out with her ex on Facebook. But once the girlfriend went back to him and talked about her he instantly forbid her to talk to Anna. Let alone be friends with her.

The reason his and Anna's relationship ended was because he cheated on her twice. Anna had no desire to bring up the past to his girlfriend since it was so long ago and in her words 'people can change a lot within a space of 6 years'. Whether his current girlfriend knows they used to go out is a complete mystery but he obviously has something to hide if he's forbidding his girlfriend to talk to Anna.

I have told Anna I don't mind her becoming friends with my ex's although I am not friends with them myself but I ain't going to tell her who she can and cannot talk to.
I personally don't have a problem with Anna talking to her ex's girlfriend as I have already stated that she wants nothing to do with the ex.

What is your personal opinion. on becoming friend's with your ex's new partner and your current partner being friends with your ex?


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  • Him being friends with MY ex? Eh, yeah, sure. Not a problem.


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