Am I a bad person if I date my ex's sister?

My ex is okay with me dating her sister, but is this weird


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  • As long as your ex is ok with it why not nothing wrong or bad about, tho some may see it a bit odd.


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  • That would not make you a bad person. However, I do think it would just be a very awkward and weird situation.

    • yeah it's kind of awkward...

  • was your ex a girl or a guy?

    • girl

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    • I'm guessing you didn't have a long relationship. So I guess she'll get over some feelings fast

    • we had an on and off relationship but her sister always had feelings for me and she knew her sister liked me

  • I don't know... are they twins? That might make thing kind of weird.

    How close are they? DO they look similar?

    • not twins eeww no so wrong they don't look like twins or anything. I mean they're kind of close but my ex is okay with us dating

    • Okay... well, try not to over-analyse it.

      Twins are trippy... I dated a twin and I didn't know it but they share some emotions and some feelings... that was very educational

    • so it's not weird

  • yeah its a bit weird.

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