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So, its taken me more than a year to get over a girl I had a crush on in 9th grade. Im a junior now, and im still dealing with this, I just dont know how to get over her. When I think about her a lot, I start getting sad again. I have moved on, but not to the point, where im totally over her. I still think about her sometimes. I know it ridiculos. I need some help what should i do?


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  • Well it's hard for everyone to move on at some point and everyone will come back to think about someone they care about eventually. I had this problem and then I totally realized it was memories and thoughts of being with that person that I missed. It wasn't the actual person. Now I don't care very much and am totally fine if I never saw him again.


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  • Honestly, its kinda impossible. It also depends on your situation. Did you ever ask her out? or was it she got a man instead of you?

    • Well she left the school I go to, and didn't come back. Its kinda also because I never asked her out, and she got a boyfriend.

    • ohhhh. sorry bud. those are the worst. The true, ONLY real solution is to find a girl 10x better than her. This situation left you between a rock and a very hard place.

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  • 1) Get a new crush.
    2) Stop thinking about her, avoid thinking about her. Don't look at her.
    It took me 11months to get over someone, don't worry about how long it takes you to move on. Take your time.


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