Is it wrong to date someone and have them chance for the better?

A friend of mine is into drugs and sleeps around. I think we like each other but in order for me to date her things would have to change. She would have to stop doing drugs and smoking while cutting down on alcohol (not stop I just don't want her drunk 24/7). She would have to change these bad habits. I like her personality and who she is this is only covered up by her drug and alcohol use. If I wanted to date her and she wanted help is it still wrong? I want to be with this person to help her. There is no judgement of her I just want the best best for her. I want to help her and care for her. I want to be there for her but feel it's wrong for me to try to change her lifestyle. Please help me figure out what to do.


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  • Don't try to change her, this is not how relationships work !!, i know you like her and i know she needs help but if she is happy with herself then there is nothing you can do.

    • I can contest to this. I had an ex who was the same way. It sucked in my situation becaus she wasn't always like that., and she got involved with some bad kids and got into that stuff. It ruined our relationship and is the reason she lost interest in me

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    • Some^ (auto correct)

    • I just realized there are many typos in my reply, i hope you got the point. and you're quite welcome man, wish you all the best.

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  • You can't change her.
    If she doesn't want to stop. She won't.
    If she want's to stop. yes you can support her.

    If you try to ask her to stop everything. You will get a big "fuck off" So don't even try this.

    Quite honestly with all that you want her to do, even before you'll date her. Forget about her, move on.

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