Describe your dream personality for a girl?

Describe what her personality is like and how she would react in different situations.


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  • a artistic indie/hipster chick. A girl who doesn't give a fuck, A girl who is sophisticated kind in public, but aggressive and bat shit crazy in bed, A girl that would cook and bake with me and go to parks and galleries with me. A girl that could travel with me to all sorts of exotic places and explore new cultures, A girl that would cuddle with me and watch documentaries and indie/art movies with me. A girl that has a sense of humor thats just as f-ed up as mine in all its satire and sarcasm. Pretty much a girl that lives outside the bounds of conformity and can accompany me in the journey of life


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  • My dream girl? :)

    She's fun, adventurous yet laid back. She's sweet, caring and warm. She's bubbly and has a great sense of humour, gets all my jokes, they're not bad, I'm actually very witty, haha :)

    She's not afraid of getting dirty. As in if we were baking together we'd end up throwing flour at each other or if we were painting a room we'd splash a little paint on each other. Those cute, fun little fights would be short lived though, as we'd end up kissing and then having sex on the countertop (even if that counter is all flour :)) or the closest piece of furniture (even if we're all paint) :)

    She loves animals, but is afraid of spiders. I find that so adorable :) If she sees one, she'll jump up on a chair or come running from the next room into my arms. I'm her hero and I'd have to kill it because I'm so manly like that hahaha :)

    She loves her body, she doesn't want to be really skinny and she is never jealous of any other girl or of models.

    She loves sex. She wants to have sex at least once a day or even more if the atmosphere at the certain time gets hot enough. She loves me to go down on her and kiss her whole body :)

    She's well connected and has a broad network of friends. She has her closest girlfriends over once a week and would be well liked in her group and sort of the center of the group.

    We'd have an amazing connection and never ever tire of each other. Everyone can see our insane chemistry but we wouldn't be all sicky lovey dovey in front of others (rubbing noses, constantly touching etc .)

    She wants a family and a house in the countryside but near enough to the city that it doesn't take that long to get to work.

    As you can see I could literally go on about this forever. I just love to think about this kind of stuff. :)

    Hope this helps :)

    • You described me up until the family part.

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    • What you wrote about your dream girl personality was only the basics. I never told you anything else. I tend to over think things, and sometimes I don't pay attention, I do admit, I am a bitch sometimes.

      So i'm not "exactly like" the girl you described. But, even if you wanted an apology or not, I still would have gave you one because like I said, I can be a bitch.

  • First off, she has to be blunt and take-no-shit. I'm a dense mother roller and I have an ego the size of the moon. I need a girl who's sweet, but won't hesitate to prove me wrong when I need a good Jupiter sized blast to my ego. Secondly, she has to love to compete and is a jack of all trades. I love a girl who can challenge me. If she can beat me, even better. It'll drive me to be an even better person. Third, she has to love to relax. I'm not pure energy. There are days i'll just want to sleep. If I can get a girl who loves to relax as much as I do, I can be happy. Lastly, she has to be humble. I don't want a girl who thinks she's better than me. I want her to see me as her equal. Then, and only then, can I comfortably treat her like a queen among women.

  • Hmmm.

    Ok listen very closely:

    1. The girl has to be sweet.
    2. The girl must like me no matter my looks, she could even date an ogre.
    3. She is strong and beautiful.
    4. She has to be green.
    5. She has to look similar to this angel:

    Girls girls, don't be jealous. If you don't look like her I can still like you too.

  • She loves truly from heart
    She's a cuddler type
    She is honest and confronts me with my mistakes
    She trusts me
    She needs my love
    She's intelligent
    She has proper life goals.
    She smiles
    She's dirty minded when we're alone (:D)
    She hugs and kisses suddenly when I'm not expecting
    Doesn't shout with me but she's able to handle conflicts by normal talking.
    She's open minded about sex (let's try out new things)
    She's into role playing (sex)

  • 1) Has read John Steinbeck
    2) Thinks John Steinbeck is awesome yet a pretentious tool of American Literature at the same time
    3) Ate an apple once
    4) Has a drivers license
    5) Will give me $5 to buy a sack of oranges
    6) This is six

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  • lady in the streets freak in the sheets
    can be goofy/silly
    doesn't drink or smoke excessively
    open to try new things, food/activities
    makes me feel safe like i can't trust her
    likes to cuddle
    somewhat introverted or at least not a party animal

  • She is active, prefers to do anything, says no to little. She stays positive when things get tough and doesn't get sensitive to advice, because she can listen to the people who love her. She is fit, healthy and likes to cook with me. She balances her life so she can travel and study and grow with me. She can stand on her own socially and helps me meet other great people. But most importantly she has to love me, have her heart just for me, her ideas, with me as a part of them, and her life, one to match mine and sync together seamlessly.

  • Whenever I answer this question, I end up describing a female version of myself.
    Come someone please tell me if that's strange?

    • it's not strange, I end up doing when I answer questions like this.

    • I'm always like "good sense of humor, smart, witty, relaxed, doesn't stress over things, doesn't take anything too seriously, understands me, thinks like me... wait a second that's me."

  • A strong woman that isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Knows how to stand up for herself and the people she loves. Not afraid to be real and understanding. Someone that's a little rough around the edges. Confidence, humor and poise.

    Someone like @Buchitabuchys


  • No. 1 is kindness, a good heart, she wants the best for people.
    But if she dosen't have a good sense of humour, that would definitely break the deal.
    Intelligence is a very close third quality, and also about as important as the first two qualities, to be honest. I really love smart girls (as long as they are not stuck-up about their own intellect)

  • Friendly, kind, funny, patient, lovely, intelligent, trusting, respecful, comprehensive... hard to find so many things in just one person.

  • just one thing.

    i want her to like my taste in music XD

    • Good luck to you. That will be a long and hard search. Tip: she will likely be around 40 years old.

  • smart just like what any other guy would want but if she's not that smart its still good its always good if a guy is smarter, funny if she has jokes about random situations that helps because she will make you happy by smiling and making you laugh! oh! and caring takes a big role in a relationship so if she doesn't show that she's caring she's not showing that she strong feelings towards you... and she needs to be rude when ever its needed sometimes its a little funny and nice when it apply's!

  • Super clingy around me, but REALLY distant around other people, especially other guys, such as if one approached her than they would get nothing but a death glare. She would dress Goth-ish and get my fucked up sense of humor, she would be loyal and be understanding and accept my quirks, especially the one where sometimes I'm really quiet and i WANT to talk but for some reason even though I'm normally outgoing i become mute for no apparent reason.

  • ied like a strong girl, a girl that knows what she wants, can take care of herself and a girl that is as faithful to me as i am to her. ied like a girl that has a sense of humor and is sarcastic and blunt at times, i want a girl that plans a trip by throwing a dart at a map of the world, im just up for someone fun, interesting, and as random and curious as i am, some one wild. i really dont care about much else, i think what some people call "crazy" is attractive. if i were to sum up my dream girl in a situation. if i asked her "what do you wanna eat" she would answer "something new, frog lags? lol" i like strange :P (sorry if the grammar sucks but i just scribbled this down)

    • lol kind of sounds like me, people usually i'm just dumb and reckless though.

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    • I must say, that is one of the best answers I've read on here ☺️

    • You really thought this trough! I hope you get her!

  • Relaxed... Can walk out the door if necessary without doing her hair or make up... will be there when i'm at my lowest... Has better things to talk about than the latest fashion trends etc.

  • She is her own woman... she needs to have a substance , comfortable in her own skin , have an unbelievable love for a life , life passions that lit her eyes when ever she talks about it , loves animals , music (if she could play guitar it would be a bonus) , have high ambitions , pulls her own weight in the relationship and loves to try stuff (foods , activities , travel) , smart and funny. Any way , she is a woman not a girl (and didn't watch and is not going to watch 50 shades of grey)

  • ---Opinionated but not obnoxious (the should have thought out opinions and insights that are interesting, but it shouldn't be something she always needs people aware of)

    ---Nice to a point (will back down to keep peace but will only take so much shit)

    ---Geeky about something (anything outside of herself or physical appearance or what her friends think)

    ---Thinks she's capable and confident in something other than her looks or dealings with men.

    ---Long term planner

    ---Adventurous in the short term, the type to try most thing once

    ---Okay being wrong if she is actually proven wrong

  • Someone not impressed by anything mainstream..
    Obsessed with bio-technology..
    Someone who shares my passion for creating electronic music and wants to see a music revolution in our lifetime..
    She wouldn't care about going out bc she knows that one day we're gonna pump music in clubs around the world but she goes with her friends and when she comes home she shares her experience through wild descriptive stories bc she knows I love seeing things through her eyes..
    Someone who wouldn't think twice about cracking a joke about me but talks shit about other people and life all day..
    She knows that I would put my fist through a guys face at the drop a dime but wants me to use that energy in a way she has determined best for us..
    She smokes and drinks as much as I do..
    She's as obsessed with lacrosse as I am..
    And a romantic... gives me as much love letters as I do her..
    And most importantly someone who fully accepts my quad obsession.

    Seems so simple ;)

    • It would never work put lol... but I love your precision!

    • Hehe... I'll settle for someone who appreciates my musical endeavors and goes to lacrosse games with me ;)

  • It is hard to describe as it all seems so generic on paper.
    She is very caring, not just for me but to everyone especially if they are close to her. She is also very understanding so she knows why i act a certain way if i would be mad rather then becoming very mad herself. She loves to cuddle and understands true love. In her daily life she is very enthousiastic about the things she enjoys and loves gaming.

  • My dream girl would be introverted, also a musician and quite creative. A daydreamer, a poet, an avid gamer. Intelligence is a must. We'd spend our days lost in streams of computer code, carefully weaving our own worlds. If she were as much of a cyberpunk geek as I am, that'd be a plus too, bonus points for loving science fiction in general and an instant proposal if she's into mutant-riddled, post-apocalyptic fiction.

  • I would be very flexible on personality, I would love a shy girl, an outgoing girl, a cautious girl, as long as I was attracted to her and she was sincere and committed. And took it as seriously as I did. About the only things I wouldn't stand are girls who are full of themselves or control freaks, also party girls... although they obviously wouldn't fit the whole committed aspect.

  • everyone is going to have their own personality. I would say "a girl who is herself." If you try to take on a different personality, you are not yourself, and only delay finding the right guy who likes YOU for YOU.

  • Ok will give it ago

    1. Comfertable with who she is
    2. confident
    3. hasa playful sense of humour
    4. respectful ( two way system there so pretty much both give and take)
    5. down to earth and pateint
    6. open minded ( even if its only slightly)

  • Easy going and open minding, kind and caring, easy to get along with. Humble. Good sense of humor. Adventurous. Lady by day, freak by night

  • Funny. Strong willed. Somebody I feel like I can confide in. Somebody I feel comfortable around. Smart.

  • Into video games and doesn't cheat. I'm not picky

  • She likes yogurt that comes from a sheep, she has to like lemons just like me, she has to have a good tooth to gum ratio, she has to be 5'6 and 1/3 slash.4 mm tall. She has to weigh exactly 99.9lbs, and has to like exactly the same video games as me.

  • Opposite of how most gorgeous girls turn out to be.

    • Whoever down voted me, hope u get a yeast infection

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    • sure but i m willing to bet most of them are not very pleasant or datable. they put you through a lot of tests too which is exhausting.


    • Lots of pretty girls out there know they're pretty. And they use it and feel better than others.

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