Did I bruise my boyfriends ego a bit?

I feel like I may have bruised my boyfriends ego a bit but he won't tell me if I did or not.. Ok so my boyfriend had just got back from a trip Monday and so I went to see him on Tuesday I hadn't been feeling the best I had a bit of a headache and hadn't slept well the night before so when I met him after class he was in this really good mood and happy I hadn't seen him so happy for a bit so I just tried to enjoy it with him and ignore my tiredness.. in the car he asked if I was ok and I told him about the lack of sleep so he said I could get a nap in when we went to his place I thought it was a good idea so we went there now on Thursday we had a bit of a fight but had seemed to get things worked out for the most part.. when we got to his place he wanted sex and he was putting more effort into it then usual it seemed he was taking his time and was just so happy seeming about it... we started to get into things a lot and it was really heated by then but after we got to taking our clothes off I thought I saw a bit of blood so I stopped he asked why I said I wasn't feeling good cause I wasn't at the moment and asked if he could please move so I could get up and use the bathroom it wasn't a big deal after all so I planned on trying to start again and explain what had happened he wasn't in a very good mood tho he told me not to speak to just get some sleep so I did after he woke up he was in a bad mood and mad at me he brought up the fact that I stopped and mentioned last weeks fight so we spent sometime talking about it but he didn't tell me if I had upset him since I stopped its just that I know he doesn't like sex when I have my period and if I had it then I needed to check before we continued and got to having sex so I guess my question is do you think I might have hurt his ego a bit by stopping? I also think he might not be fully over last weeks fight but he was in a good mood till I got back from the bathroom could really use the help/advice.



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  • I do think that you hurt his feelings.. but just explain why you excused yourself to the bathroom maybe that'll help. .

    • I did I told him about the blood thing and how there wasn't any more when I checked but he was upset still I said sorry I just feel so bad :/ thanks

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    • I was getting ready lol... have to go to grocery store.. lol

    • Lol oh nice

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  • Maybe not his ego, but you did hurt him. He hasn't seen you in while yes? And then when he does you're in a bad mood and have a fight. And on top of all that you stop RIGHT BEFORE sex. I would be pissed too. You might have blue balled him a bit which would make any guy mad.
    Just explain your situation, and try to make it up to him

    • The fight happened before he went to Vancouver and I stopped cause I thought I had just got my period early and ok but how would I make it up to him? I tried going back to the room when I knew I was fine and said sorry and tried to just be fun and start things up again but he wouldn't have it also even tho I was in a bad mood I put a big smile on my face and joined him with having fun when he tried to be silly with me I just was silly back but you have a really good point I felt horrible I explained the blood and said I am fine tho it wasn't a big deal but he still was upset :/

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    • No problem, I hope it works out for you two :)

    • Thanks me too I guess I will find out in two weeks :) it just feels so long

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  • Im abit confused, did he comes out the bathroom feeling well and okay. But when he woke up he was angry and in a bad mood?

    • Well before he was in a great mood and then I went to the bathroom I also had just said I didn't feel good before I went to the bathroom so that meant no sex till later and then when I came back into the bedroom from the bathroom he was in a bad mood and told me just go to sleep and not to talk also this is the guy I posted about when I asked for advice about Muslims that you helped me on

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