MEN?? What do you want out of your significant other??

Need men's advice(woman can answer too)...What are the most important key to your relationship with your significant other?

In your opinion What traits do you look for in a woman?

How can she satisfy you, keep ,you happy,focused and into her?

I ask this question to get tips to see if I'm doing something wrong in my would really help I got answer to these simple, lame, but important questions to me.

Thanks for the replys:)


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  • 1. Perspective, and what they want out of life. For example, do they want to get married and pop out kids before they turn 30, do they want to go to grad school, etc. Do they want to work or be a housewife? I don't care if we don't like the same movies or music or anything like that, but what a person wants out of life is REALLY important to me in a relationship.

    2. Intelligence. I once dated a girl who swore that gravity doesn't exist. But I also don't like people who think they're smarter than everyone else. I'd like someone who could match wits with me from time to time, not someone who's going to correct me all the time, or need me to explain things. I'm not asking for a rocket scientist, just someone capable of learning new things.

    3. Ambition. This is just a personal preference, but I like girls who are independent, and willing to go out and make their own mark on the world. It makes me feel that they're with me because they like me, not because MAYBE one day, if I'm LUCKY, I MIGHT have a good job. Chances are, I won't be raking in six figures anytime soon, but I think its good if both people have something to work toward on their own.

    4. Heart. I don't know how to describe it well, but it should probably be #1. I'm really not an insecure guy, but after a few months all the dating games should fade away. Want to talk to me? Call. I'll call you. Chances are, we'll stop each other sweet texts in the middle of the day, just because we know we're going to talk later. I'm not always a gentleman, and I want to be able to be myself around a person. Sometimes I get mad, sometimes I get bummed out, sometimes I want to be really silly and immature, sometimes I dork out over something ridiculous. Sometimes, we will fight. I REALLY don't want someone to comfort me all the time. Just knowing that someone is going to be there tomorrow, despite how difficult today was, is really something rare and I'm putting a ring on anyone's finger unless I'm certain of it. And time is really the only way I'll be able to tell.

    Hope that helped.

    Oh! And someone who understands the difference between making love, having sex, and f***ing. :P

    • WOW!!!!! awesome totally agree....but now...what if the guy feels he is above her in everyway, hates the fact he can't manipulate her, he is compulsive, not abusive though.His facts come from books not reality and basis everything on his form of common sense, and logic, and doesn't know how to listenend, but still wants all the thing you just said to be a part of her character?

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