I met an awesome girl a while ago, but I kinda ruined it... now's she's coming to visit. What to do?

I met this awesome, sexy and fun girl six months ago, but she lives in another country, after she left, I was infatuated and also heart broken but I felt really weird for days, I felt like in love. That feeling scared me away, my friends advised me to stop talking with her and so I did. I really screwed it up. She would text me and I wouldn't text back, she would say nice things to me like "I'm thinking of you" and I would say "thanks" I was mean, but sometimes when I missed her I would text her nice things but I felt like I completely lost her, maybe she felt my rejection and I was trying hard to forget her. Now I hear from her that she will be visiting where I live, but those news confused the hell out of me, I told her that I was super excited and happy, but then I ruined again once when she said that she couldn't wait to see me and I got scared and just said "can't wait". I also found out by a friend that she's only coming for a few days, I never asked her how many days is she staying or tried to make plans with her. However, my friend did tell me that this guy is taking her to see the city. I know I screwed it, I know I was mean and I know that I haven't shown any interest on her visit. I really like her, but I'm too shy and I don't feel like I'm good enough for her. What could I do?

the date is coming, can you please give me your advice?


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  • go for it! even if she lives in another country, you guys can still make it work. The beauty of technology. you might not get the same chance again, go for it and see what she says

    • I know, I'm so nervous because she's coming to visit, I've never felt this way before. thanks!

    • No problem! The fact that you've never felt this way before is even more of a reason to go for it. Good luck!

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  • Just go for it. Don't over think it

    • But how? Im afraid of falling for her knowing that she lives in another country

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