He told me he was going to ask me out... But I dont want to go out with him?

1) I'm 14. He's 12.
I've seen him in real life, but I've never talked to him in real life before. Weve facetimed two times. But he face times me like 15 times a day. He knows me because he's friends with one of my best friends best friends. So he asks me if I have a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. And I told him I didn't. So he told me he had two Valentine's. Me and my best friend. And he said he was gonna ask me out on Valentine's day. So I eas just thinking... Ummm okay no. But I didn't want to be rude. I still feel like I'm too young. I feel too young and I already know I have commitment issues. I've never been in a relationship and I really don't want to be in one because of how often I go to things like raves and parties. My question is, how exactly do I tell him that without sounding rude? How do I say it so that I don't come off as rude?


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  • Tell him you are just not ready for a relationship and need to think think over your life a little before you would date anybody


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