Boyfriend has been with a lot of girls and it bothers me?

My boyfriend is great. He says he loves me and I love him and everything. But he has been with a lot of girls before me and although he says it's in the past, it still bothers me. I mean, he used to hook up with a lot of girls. He's only ever properly dated 4 including me. I don't know why it's bothering me so much. I try to not get jealous or possessive, but occasionally something slips out and I don't want it to. Any advice on how to get over this?

I guess it bothers me so much because he has hooked up with four girls that I see constantly throughout the week before he started dating me. And whenever I see those girls, I'm reminded of his history. And I mean, 4 girls in 2 months. That seems like a lot to me.


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  • You need to forget about it. Or leave him. He was open with you about it. And it was before you. Which does not apply to you...
    Also. You say your self. He has only dated 4 people including you. I think you should feel good about that. It looks like he only dates people he really likes. Don't ruen it buy bring up past that your not even involved in. Because I'm sure he won't take that for very long.
    If it was cheating issues... Then I could see your concern.
    I don't mean any disrespect by this. I just know someone leiget would not deal with it for too long. And if you really do like him. You would be upset with your self if you lost the relationship just because you couldn't get by this.

    • And! You knew this going in!! Not his fault you see these girls and don't like it. That was your choice.

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    • We've been dating for 3 and a half months and I found out about a month and a half into the relationship.

      It's not okay to talk about it ever? I don't accuse him. I'm always vey careful with my tone. And I've mentioned it briefly twice ever.

    • Correct. It's been brought up and explained. And dropped. It is not fair to him to bring it back up.. Especially since it had nothing to do with you.. Tone or not. If you like him? Find a way to let it go. Otherwise be honest and fair to him and let him go. You could completely bring it up to him. Explaining how you feel about it. And see what he thinks about your feelings. But you do that... Don't ever bring it back up after that.

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  • No one can do anything about this, there is no solution to your problem. Try thinking of the good over the bad.

  • Why does it bother you so much, everyone's been in past relationships?


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  • Get used to it, everyone's had relationships,

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