Why do boys lead you on? Any advise on how to help me get over this guy?

I wrote this post to my insta account @grunge. princesskbye so yes these are my words but here's my story... I wrote this letter to the guy
It was a summer romance.
You called me babe and cutie.
I thought you were smooth and amazing. Ha.
We texted for hours using hearts and faces as if we could smile like that all day long.
You were always there when I needed you. I was always there when you needed me.
You held my waist and asked to kiss me the first time we hung out after we started texting.
I denied the kiss because I'd never kissed a boy before and you were experienced. God, I should have kissed you as hard as I could and I should have embraced your lips like a sunset.
I was insecure because I didn't think I was good enough for you.
All of my friends called you a player, but I defended you. God, I should have listened.
Eventually the texting started to die down and one day you never replied to my text.
I stared at my phone for months, fucking months, hoping that your name would appear on my phone but It never appeared and it never will.
Later I realized that I wasn't the only girl getting called babe and cutie by this boy. This adorable fucking boy.
The sad part is that I can't get mad at you.
We never truly dated even though it felt like we were.
So I can't get angry at you for ignoring me.
So I'm sitting here writing this letter to you expressing my sadness and anger.
But you will never realize what kind of hurt and confusion you put me though. I was just another number in your phone and that's all I'll ever be

Any advise on how to help me get over this guy?


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  • Learn the moves of a player and staybaway next time. They typically have Similar patterns.
    Time and distance shiukd take care of it

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