Is taking a two week break a good idea right now? could use the advice?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months and just the other night we decided to take a two week break and then come back to things so we could talk and see if we can continue our relationship and see if he can forgive and forget.. We had a fight on Thursday because I hung out with one of his friends that friend tried to kiss me but I pulled away and said I wasn't like that and that I was with his friend we talked it out he apologized and didn't try anything after that we did hang out once more since he clearly felt bad and wasn't going to try again but I decided it was best to just block his number and not speak to any of my boyfriends friends again.. now I don't cheat I never would as I know how it feels and would never do that to another person plus I care about my boyfriend to much to do that to him.. he got upset over me and his friend hanging out tho I explained that when his friend tried I pulled away and said how I was with my boyfriend and that I wouldn't cheat on him... we hung out the other day he was in a really good mood he knew I wasn't feeling to good so we went to his place and he was putting more effort into being careful and slow and he was just saying how he missed me and loved me it was different then other times that we went there when he wanted sex.. after we had our clothes off tho I noticed a tiny bit of blood so I stopped and went to the bathroom when I got back he didn't wanna talk he just said lets take that nap so we did he woke up and was in a bad mood and the situation came up about his friend and so we talked about things I told him why I stopped cause it came up at one point that I stopped and after we talked he said he needed sometime to forgive and forget and that we would take a two week break so he could do that and we would talk about things again in two weeks.. so is the two week break and then talk in two weeks a good idea so we can just take time to think about things so we can talk about it in two weeks.


Also how should I go about talking to him when it comes time to talk in two weeks?


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  • The guy sounds a bit insecure. Perhaps he has had problems with ex's in the past? Anyway, it's important to be enthusiastic if you want to be with this guy. There's nothing better than being wanted and missed by another person, so visibly show that. Not hinting at immediate frisky times or anything, but be glad that the wait is over.

    I'm personally against the idea of a two week break if nothing happened and you weere forthcoming about it to him (meaning you told him instead of him finding out). Two weeks is a lot of time to make assumptions about someone, so a poor choice in judgement on his part may mean you're now single.

    Appearing slightly impatient about the date may work in your favor. Send him a few texts during the second week so that hefeels like the time apart is bugging you. Nothing too serious; just something casual so he knows you think about him during the week.

    • Well I guess I will have to just wait till me and him talk in two weeks to find out for sure and it is possible he dropped me off at my friends he gave me a hug and out of no where just said ok babe I promise after I asked him if he promised to talk in two weeks if it were up to him it would have been a month but I said I felt that was to long for me and met in the middle with the two weeks I also tried to change it to a week but he said two but yes I will deff try that with him he only got upset after I went to the bathroom and didn't continue and have sex I don't know I'm just confused he said part of the way he felt had to do with his religion cause that kind of thing isn't acceptable in his religion and thank you :) this helped a bit

  • Of say get him his favorite pop or beer or whatever. Tell him your sorry about the whole thing and ask him if you can be his girlfriend again. If he says no then drink the pop or beer in front of him. Then say, we'll I guess your missing out on two things, and then walk away. Jk about that part! Just be genuinly sorry and you will be good:)

    • I will just be genuinely sorry but think he`d considering forgiving me? ugh two weeks cannot be over sooner :/ thank you I will see how this works and try :) I do feel horrible I didn't know it would upset him

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    • Your welcome!

    • Okay

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