My boyfriend asked me to look at my phone?

My boyfriend asked to look through my phone I could careless if he looks through it I have nothing to hid from hi so when he asked I gave a bit of a weird look at him at first but said sure and we sat on his bed and looked through it together but he didn't seem satisfied? maybe I'm reading into this to much but thats how it seemed to me also should I try asking to look through his phone since he's now looked through mine twice? I told him that he could take my phone and look through it whenever he wanted I even left it on the table when I got up to use the bathroom I don't have a lock or anything on it either so he could just go through it even if I'm not in the room I am trying to just let him go through it so he knows that I'm not hiding anything from him so what do you think could use the advice/help.


Also is it ok to ask him to look at his phone if he asked me?
Oh and part of why he wanted to see it was he thought that I liked his friend so he wanted to see if we had been texting that is partly why I just handed it to him to prove there were no texts and prove I didn't like his friend.


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  • Plan ahead and save a bunch of pictures of drag queen and pictures of Nicolas cage so next time he asks to look through your phone, he will never ask ever again.

    • Haha that would be funny sadly its a flip phone as I am waiting for my iPhone to be fixed but that is very smart when I have my iPhone working I will try it maybe thanks :)

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    • Lol it will be funny I will probably have my phone back by the time we go to talk after our two week break so when we talk in two weeks I will have it like that and see if he wants to see my phone

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  • I'd consider that a major red flag of distrust.

    • True but at the time this was going on we had just had a fight he thought I liked his friend it was my way of proving that I don't and that me and his friend weren't texting and thanks

  • Of course it's okay to look at his phone; he's opened himself up to it.

    • True but he's so private I asked to type something out on his phone the other day but he didn't wanna let me use it I did it to see what he would say and see if he would be ok with me asking to use it cause I usually can make a call on it if I ask maybe I will try again thanks

    • Private or not, he got to look so should you.

      Just my opinion, good luck.

    • Yes I agree plus he knows I won't understand half of the conversations on there I will try again thanks

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  • RUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN. As fast as you can. That is a huge red flag for someone to have very serious control issues. Today it is your phone, tomorrow it is where you go, who you talk to, what you wear, etc. RUN.

    • Yeah I forgot add that he thought I liked his friend and wanted to see if me and the friend were texting or anything and thanks

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    • Yes agreed as I said I am taking her advice and seeing what he says after our two week break when we talk in two weeks

    • Thanks :)

  • I couldn't be doing with that shit. Don't trust me then talk to me about it, don't snoop through my phone.

    • Haha yeah I guess to me its just a phone so I don't care that much about him looking plus nothing to hid and thanks

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    • I wasn't offended at all, I just think he should be talking to you not snooping.

    • Yes well I'm glad your not I thought you might have been from the way I said it but yeah well he's been doing both actually right now we are taking a two week break and then talking after the two weeks so he has time to think about this all maybe when the two weeks are up and we talk in two weeks he will have got that I meant nothing by the time I ran into his friend and that I truly just care for him not his friends and thanks :)

  • You can ask him. He seems weird and suspicious.

    • Yeah in a way he had a reason to be he thought I liked his friend so I was proving there wasn't any texting with that friend and that I didn't like his friend and thanks