Would you think this guy was a jerk?

Say that this guy is really drunk/high so his girlfriend has to come pick him up. As she approaches, she discovers that one of the people at the party who is waiting outside with him is his ex-girlfriend whom he is now friends with. As the girlfriend is helping him into the car, the ex says "I love you". He responds with I love you too. The girlfriend, not wanting to bring the topic up while he is drunk, saves it for the next day. The next day, the boyfriend says he only said that because he was really drunk and thought it was his girlfriend and not his ex. Is the guy a jerk, or was he really just that drunk?


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  • I think he is a lying jerk even when you are drunk/high you know who you are talking to. Also for him to get that high/drunk that you have to pick him up is kind of immature. Should have just let him get a taxi home sounds like he deserved it.


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  • Both



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