Will she be able to function normally in society?

My sister of 28 years old has been depressed for about 7 years now locking herself up in her room with only an ''internet'' bf and no other interaction. She doesn't drive, or worked in 7 years all she does is wake up, stay in her room, on the computer or goes to the supermarket. nothing else... for 7 years, my mom is about to call for help because she won't listen. Im scared to death that she might end up hurting herself and how she would be able to function normally, i dont think she ever will.


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  • Tough. I have a friend like this I make sure to visit him once a month. What I did to break him out of his shell was to go to bars to play pool. Try new types of food and pick up chicks. Not sure if that helps but I don't know.


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